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Ovid TV Rebrand

Branding Art Direction Motion Graphics


Role: Individual
Mentor: Ming Tai


2023 Young Ones Advertising, Craft in Art Direction Shortlist




Ovid is a streaming platform providing viewers access to documentaries, films, and international cinema mainly unavailable on any other platform. In a world where everyone hopes to stand out, this rebrand aims to expand Ovid’s target audience to attract cinephiles who wish to be different, to be individual. Approaching the brand with a bold and personalized identity invites those who value their individuality to come and enjoy the bragging rights of watching curated films outside of the mainstream.

Logoform + Animations

Following the idea of Ovid Tv’s three main categories of cinema, the newly branded logoform is composed of three circles working together to create a unique shape. 
The shapes work together to bring about a personalized form, reflecting Ovid’s main characteristic of being a highly distinctive and independent streaming service.

Ovid is typed in all lowercase letters in PP PanGram Sans, Compact Regular as the font mimics the rounded and inviting shapes of the logoform.

Color and Brand Textures

A streaming platform meant for showcasing independent, underground films and documentaries often overlooked by the public eye, this palette emphasizes OVID’s indie and intelligent characteristics. The three colors of sophisticated black, white, and mustard work together to evoke a snarky and intellectual look, stimulating the mind as well as catching the eye.
Emphasizing the concept of individuality, hand-drawn shapes consisting of circles
or a series of circles overlapping each other are used to make up the brand texture of Ovid. 
The shapes can exist on their own as decorative elements or can act as framing devices for showcasing images and media.

Motion Language

The new rebrand utilizes a snappy motion language to match the independent and groundbreaking vibe of the platform. Following the logoform and brand textures, circles are often used to reveal information and videos.

Poster Application

Various templates for informational and promotional posters were created utilizing the circles both texturally and as framing devices for film.

Mobile and Web Application

Mobile applications—such as the main streaming app and promotional posts for the Instagram were created. A web based platform was also created to allow for streaming online.
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