Soundtrack Your Life

Collaborator: Tiffany Chen
Roles: Art Direction, Concept, Storyboard, Illustration

Special Thanks
Ara Devejian

Photoshop, Procreate, Miro
Briefed with designing styleframes for a minute long film demonstrating the power of music through Spotify and the ability to soundtrack your life, we conceptualized our frames around the story of someone overworked at a car wash, showcasing how music and Spotify can bring fun and inspration into even the most mundane activities. The sequence starts out dull, seeing a tired man with a love for music washing a car with a lot of work behind him, but as he begins to doze off, glimpses of imagination and fun begin to show. Bubbles begin to turn into giant animals, lifting the cars into the sky as well as him, and birds and balloons begin to fill the entire scene—turning the whole car wash into a giant parade of fun.

We collaborated throughout the entire process of the project, working closely together on ideation of story, collecting moodboards, taking reference pictures, creating multiple storyboards, color sketches, and of course, the final creation of the illustrations that make up the sequence.