Museum of Contemporary Photography Rebrand

Identity rebrand for the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the world’s leading premier college art museum. The new visual identity includes stationery, posters, motion applications, spatial mockups, web and mobile layouts, as well as a guideline book.
Graphis New Talent, Gold Award



The logo form is composed of two half circles, snapping in together to create a circular shape in the center, replicating the feel of taking a “snapshot” and “capturing a moment” in reference to photographing a singular moment.

Motion Montage

Using the circular forms as transitional elements, the circles can be used to capture moments in motion.

Poster and Spatial Usage

Following suit of this idea of the logoform being gateways into peeking into photography and capturing moments, the logoform is used as a framing device in posters and design and can also be used in repetition to create patterning.


Logo form and layouts on collatoral including business cards, letter heads, envelopes, folders, and speaker cards

Brand Identity Book

Guidelines on typography, poster design, logoform, etc all laid out together in a brand identity book for designers to follow.

Sarah Oh is a multidisciplinary motion designer and illustrator based in California. 

Sarah Oh is an illustrator & motion designer.