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“Intersectional inequality systematically structures paid professional design work. Professional design jobs in nearly all fields are disproportionately allocated to people who occupy highly privileged locations within the matrix of domination.”
- From Design Practices: “Nothing about Us without Us by Sasha Costanza


Hi! This is a casual little space where I try to make myself a resource to those who want: portfolio reviews, questions about breaking into the industry, insight, or even just to talk about anything!

For background on who I am, my name is Sarah and I'm a Corean motion designer and illustrator! As a graduate from a design school, I understand the role of these institutions in upholding a gatekept privilege drawing the distinction between “amateur” and “professional”. As capitalism continues to enclose in privitizing education, I’m starting these free, informal talks to share resources, hopefully (!) encourage more discussions amongst motion designers to organize collectively, and to dismantle the idea that design is divided!

For this reason, I ask that these sessions prioritize POC and/or those who are not currently pursuing or have graduated with a degree within the last two years.

Available 30 minute slots run at one session per day, every Tuesday and Thursday from 9-5 PST.

Sessions are held remotely through Google Meets, but as fast internet access is also a privelege—alternative options are available to those who need, just let me know a note as you book your meeting and we can figure something out!


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