The Shell

Individual Project

Special Thanks
Ara Devejian

Cinema4D, Arnold, Photoshop
A tired hermit crab with a raggedy tennis ball as a makeshift shell travels around looking for a new place to call home. During its journey, the hermit stumbles upon an evil eel known to hoard many types of treasures. At the top of the treasure stack, the hermit sees a beautiful bejeweled shell, perfect to make its home. The crab tries to sneak its way to the top of the stack, but is caught by the eel who quickly knocks the crab down. The poor crab is flung into the ground but is saved by the resilience and bounce of its tennis ball shell. Once it’s finished rolling, it finds himself among multiple cracked shells (hermit crabs who met a not so fortunate ending), birthing a newfound appreciation for the tennis ball.

Wanting to experiment with integrating 2D characters into a 3D environment, after sketching out potential characters for the plot and finalizing a storyboard, I created each scene within Cinema4D and rendered them out using Arnold.  Characters were then drawn into each scene and color edits were made to bind the two mediums together.