Snapchat Plus

Design, Motion
Snapchat Plus is Snapchat’s newest subscription plan allowing members access to new and exclusive features. As a freelance designer, I worked to ideate and deliver various premium app icons, chat wallpapers, and animated capture buttons.
Client: Snapchat
Art Director: Yu Lu

Designer and Animator

Animated Capture Buttons
Various looping animations for capture buttons available exclusively for Plus users.
Users select which button they'd like to replace their existing ones.

App Icons
Sample of various icons created both from holiday and regular drops for Plus users to choose from.

Chat Wallpapers
Sample of various chat wallpapers created to fulfill the space behind text conversations.

“My AI” Wallpaper:
Light and dark versions of the wallpaper pre-built with Snapchat+’s newest feature—“My AI”—a ChatGPT powered chat bot.
made in collaboration with Yu Lu

Holiday Drops: