Sirius XM Free Listening Campaign

Sirius XM approached Brand New School to create an animated spot overflowing with color and fun for their 2023 Free Listening campaign. As the sole storyboarder, I was responsible for understanding the client’s vision then ideating transition ideas and story into clear storyboards. As a designer, I worked with a team of a number of other designers to create styleframes ready for animation.
Client: Sirius XM
Studio: Brand New School
Creative Director: Andres Rivera

Designer and Storyboarder


As the sole storyboarder on this project, I was responsible for sequencing out the animation, creating compositions, and brainstorming transitions from one logo moment and scene to another.


Various styleframes and assets I created for the spot within Illustrator.

Sarah Oh is a multidisciplinary motion designer and illustrator based in California. 

Sarah Oh is an illustrator & motion designer.