Museum of Contemporary Photography

Special Thanks:
Simon Johnston, Brian Boyle

Indesign, Adobe XD, Premiere, Photoshop, XD, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D

Graphis New Talent, Gold Award
The Museum of Contemporary Photography is the world’s leading premier college art museum. Their mission is to cultivate a deeper understanding of the artistic, cultural, and political roles of photography in our world today. I was assigned to rebrand the museum with a new visual identity that includes stationery, posters, motion applications, spatial mockups, web and mobile layouts, as well as a guideline book.
The rebranded logoform examines the relationship between photography and time. A sequence of circles alludes to the progression of time: past, present and future. Having the present moment zoom out as the largest amongst the past and present reflects how the MoCP responds to the contemporary art landscape for examination. The half circles framing the center circle additionally works to reference the way a camera works to capture a moment in time.