Interactive Pieces

Processing, Photoshop, Spark AR
Compilation of interactive experiments and filters coded and created in Processing/Spark AR. Animations created in Photoshop. Full file and codes made in Processing can be found on my GitHub and filters can be found on my Instagram.


Created two filters which can be found on my Instagram page (only works on mobile). Filters reached over 40,000 impressions/interactions within the first week of release.
Devil and Angel -
Features four different options within one filter. The user can tap to toggle between an angel and devil lamb poking at the face or sitting on top of the head, also switching between either having tears roll off the cheeks or have a heart bandage over the nose.

Frog Mushroom-
Features four different options within one filter. Tapping to change allows the user to switch between having an animated frog sitting on mushrooms grow on the head, have animated dancing mushrooms on the cheeks, have both, or just have the freckles over the nose and cheeks. Animated leaves are falling from the top which also works in the back facing camera.


Different projects done in Processing allowing users to interact with code through a cursor.
House - A barking dog chases your cursor around, yet remains confined within the four walls of its house.
Real vs Robot Dog - Clicking with the mouse toggles the animation between the real and the robotic, with both dogs slightly following the cursor.
Animal Racers - User controls the speed at which each racer goes depending on the position of the cursor.