Oh, hey! I’m Sarah Oh (오하늘). 🦐

I’m a SoCal based illustrator and animator currently studying motion design at ArtCenter College of Design. Most known for my colorful animations and depictions of whimsical worlds, my work is often described by others to be energetic and bubbly! When I’m not creating, you can find me hiking with pokemon go or redecorating my animal crossing island for the third time. Drop a line and let’s create something together!

Currently open for freelance opportunities/internships.
Contact: sarahoh.draws@gmail.com

︎︎︎Meet the Artist: Sarah Oh // Girl’s Club Asia
︎︎︎Sarah Oh’s Animations // Honeysweat Mag
︎︎︎Multiple Illustration Techniques within
a Magical, Animated World
// Domestika

︎︎︎International Motion Art Awards 8 (IMAA8),
    American Illustration, 08.2020
︎︎︎Giant Robot, Post it Show 15, 12.2019
︎︎︎LoopdeLoop Indie Animation Festival, 02.2020
︎︎︎Gallery Nucleus, Power in Numbers 5, 02.2020
︎︎︎Williamson Gallery, SU2019, SP2020
︎︎︎1111 Gallery, FA2018 - SP2020
︎︎︎ArtCenter Provost’s List, FA2018 - FA2020