Motion Designer, Illustrator, 🦐 Lover.
Freelancing around the 🌎.
Art Directing at Womp. 💻

Since kindergarten, my parents had known they were raising an eccentric child. When my teacher asked “what do you want to be when you grow up”, I confidently yelled out “fish”, earnestly believing that if I had put my mind to it, I, a five year old Korean-American girl, could transform into the swimming vertebrate known as the fish. Growing up, I still found myself navigating the world through abnormal circumstances—sneaking a peacock into the house, raising and becoming a midwife for a praying mantis. Through each scenario, I fearlessly plunge in to observe, absorb, and endure to revel in the outcome—all of which describe my design process today. With the belief that nothing is out of reach, my eager curiosity and passion for the “what ifs” dive me head first into the unknown with confidence to broaden my horizons as both an illustrator and motion designer.

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Freelance Motion Designer & Illustrator
Clients include Snapchat, Brand New School, Apple, The Verge, NPR, Android, Violet Office, White Claw, Google, RobotProof, Sirius XM, Meta, Robinhood, Pokémon, COLOR, GAMBA Agency, Xbox, Nature’s Bounty, Compound Butter, Watcher Entertainment

Sept 2023-Present
Art Director

Jan 2020–Dec 2022
ArtCenter College of Design
Peer Coach
Social Media Marketing Designer

Apr 2022–Aug 2022
Brand New School
Design and Animation Intern

Jan 2022–Apr 2022
Design and Animation Intern

May 2021–Jul 2021
Hello Design
Design and Animation Intern


Otis Guest Lecturer
Otis College of Art and Design

Cross Disciplinary Mentor Speaker
Spring 2023 Guest Speaker

ArtCenter IRL
Instagram Interview Feature

Girl’s Club Asia
Interview Feature

Interview Feature

Interview Feature


ArtCenter College of Design
BFA in Illustration with an emphasis in Motion Graphics
Graduated with Distinction

Young Ones Portfolio Winner 2023
Sarah Oh Portfolio, Multidisciplinary

American Illustration 2023
International Motion Art Awards 11

ADC Young Ones 2023 Shortlist
Ovid Brand Identity, Craft in Art Direction
Soundtrack Your Life, Craft in Art Direction

Week 187 Winner

Society of Illustrators Student Competition 2023
“How to Romanticize Your Life”
”Why You Always Have Room for Pie”

2023 Sundance Film Festival
Animation Assistant on selected film “By Water”

New York Times Illustration Portfolio Review 2022
Selected Illustrator

ICON 11: The Illustration Conference
Motion Commotion Selection

Society of Illustrators Student Competition 2022
FOTN Award for the Moving Image Recipient

Graphis New Talent 2022 Gold Award
Museum of Contemporary Photography Identity Rebrand

American Illustration 2020
International Motion Art Awards 8

Sarah Oh is a multidisciplinary motion designer and illustrator based in California. 

Sarah Oh is an illustrator & motion designer.